Why You Should Choose CSS Libraries Instead of Vanilla CSS

What is CSS and Why We Need It?

CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheets” and is a language for styling web pages and websites. It uses a model to create sets of rules or styles for classes or components on your website. It looks like this:

I won’t go further into CSS, as you…

Why Svelte is the Future of JavaScript Frontend Development

What is Svelte?

Svelte is a JavaScript framework for building full-stack web apps. Instead of components being declared in .js files, Svelte runs mostly on a custom variation of HTML, the .svelte file! …

Java and Kotlin are both very similar languages. But which one is best for you?

Why would I need to switch from Java anyway?

Java is not a perfect language. Well, none of them are. Java can be really useful and fast, and sometimes it can just be super annoying. …

The JavaScript world is full of frameworks. People have begun saying you don’t need one. Is this true, or false?

If you left me a note, please re-send it! I’m interested :)

Frameworks like Vue.js, Svelte and React (yes, I know it’s a library) have been storming the JavaScript world. Libraries like jQuery are being considered obsolete, and methods like Document.getElementById() aren’t being used much anymore. …

TypeScript seems to be the brand new hot replacement for JavaScript. Is it really what you think it is?

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is what it sounds like. A version of JavaScript that involves types, supposedly more modern than the web development language we all know and love.

A lot of developers have switched over to TypeScript recently, thinking it was gonna be the next super cool boom meta programming language. …

Rust is a new contender against C++, making an argument stating Rust is safer, more usable and ultimately better than C++. Is this true?

Why do we need a replacement for C++ anyway?

Well, C++ has a lot of problems. It’s quite annoying to use if you’re not experienced in C++, memory management and terminal setup. C++ is used in programs that need to be fast, reactive and responsive, like a programming language or even a traffic light.

C++ errors are also a…

There’s been an endless fight among web developers about which one is best: Vue or React? Today I am going to put my own ideas into the debate.

React and Vue are both front-end JavaScript web libraries — I have tried to learn both of them, so here’s my opinion on which one you should use for your next project.

What is a front-end JavaScript framework?

Let’s start off by clarifying front-end and back-end. Front-end is the design of the website — what you…

Flutter and React Native are both great open-source frameworks for complex cross platform development. But which one is best for you?

What is cross platform development?

Cross platform development is a certain type of development where you have a great idea for an app or business, which needs to be…

June Redwood

Hi, I’m June! I love all things development, and am still trying to find a language/framework I have a passion for. I am still at school in New Zealand!

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